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Exclusive crafts from the North of Sweden

Exclusive crafts

I specialize in creating exclusive craftsmanship of leather, reindeer antler and wood. I have a wide range of products. If you have any special requests don’t hesitate to contact me with them.

Wildlife Safaris

Join us for an experience for all senses. We’ll pass through beautiful scenery where you, if you are lucky, will be able to see beavers, otters, grouse, reindeer or elk. There are nice places where we stop so you can pick blueberries, lingonberries or cloudberries.
We’ll also pass good fishing grounds so do you want we make a stop and soak the hook. Maybe it’s the old pike or large-bass taking your lure. There are also great grayling in the river.

I’m Benny

I live with my family in Aggnäs, a village in the inland of Lapland. The proximity of the forest, nature, hunting, fishing, and not least the Sami culture is my main source of inspiration.
The company I started in spring 1991 after finishing leather sewing and shoemaker school.  Leather backpacks with reindeer antlers buckles are the backbone of my business. Great Seller: chair backpack was tested in the magazine Svensk Jakt (Swedish hunting), Feb. 1994, and in Jakt och Fiskevatten (Hunting and fishing grounds), in 2001. Both with very good results. Mentions in the newspapers has meant that my products are also exported.
Lately, I have included a former hobby which is to draw and take out the pen is replaced with focal pen and paper against the skin. The motifs are often animals, nature and portraits.
All products are made exclusively in naturally tanned leather.

KWB Service and crafts

KWB Service and crafts

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If you can’t find what you are looking for on the page, do not hesitate to contact me. Together, we tailor your experience or your unique handicraft product.

Address: Aggnäs 1, 933 91 Arvidsjaur
Phone: 073-069 84 70
E-mail: info@vildmarkssafari.se

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